Thursday, May 27, 2010

70's 1%er

This is a photo of my dad, pictured far right, shooting the finger. One of the few photographs I have of my outlaw father. Apparently so renegade, outlaw, and violent, his red and gold patch was removed by the guy that he patched in. SO bad, mean and evil, even they couldn't handle him. I have heard stories of him pistol whipping 6'+ guys in public bars, stabbing women between their toes, shooting guys ears or parts of ears off... A life of violence, guns, drugs, women, stabbings and most importantly motorcycles. Still alive living behind bars...
Days Of The Real, before it was hip to ride a bike wearing vans. When guys actually working, wrenching and painting your own bike. These guys were real...not growing a beard for fashion, or skinny jeans, or trying to be in the coolest magazines. It was a way of life. I know where I get my passion for bikes, the love to ride and be behind the other kinds of bars, the anger and temper is sometimes just as bad yet I think before I act.
If I offend you, I don't apologize. FTW and FYW


  1. Ha, I showed this pic to my old man. He said "Yeah thats Ace, he loved those fucking berets.He used to beat the hell outta young green soldiers on the riverwalk (fresh back from Vietnam) and snag their berets as well as the pins and patches off their jackets. That was his idea of a good time...". Awesome pic man, respect the history. I still say my parents have got some pics of him from the 80's at our camp-outs at Canyon lake, I'm gonna try to dig them up, if I find em I'll bring em to our next tattoo appointment. Later.