Thursday, September 23, 2010

1967 flh

new bars. old pan glide shaved and cleaned up, finish the other leg soon,
a few brackets tabs, fender, sissy bar, paint, some wires, mids, seems like alot...
but the list get smaller on the daily..
sure is weird running a wide glide, just wanna see what life on that will be like,
feel free to give some opinions.

cody thanks for the awesome stainless bars, they are going on the pan, and that wonderful 33.4mm thanks

goodnight everyone my shoulder fuckin hurts


  1. The wide glide looks right at home very nice and the 33.4 will be just right on the pan for sure

  2. Looks like a fuckin' chopper to me. Very cool bars man, lane splittin' as can be.

  3. You should have lost your fingers!!!

  4. I'm Sorry I meant the tips of your fingers!!!!