Friday, October 29, 2010



  1. That must have been yours in the first picture, with the SU still on it!

  2. I love that blacked out pan! Why? Because the chopper kings of america probly hate it! its got disc brakes and no metal flake paint!

  3. hahaha nah no my pan, i found that online,this other weird shit i read
    yeah the blue is typical,
    that blacked out fucker is pure stealth...i like me some disc brake too...very different and not conventional...fuck metalflake hahaha next paintjob is all gloss black

  4. Wow, I hate metalflake and I'd love to stop, that must make me uhhhh, fuck!

    That black bike is actually A bathing Ape bike, yeah the shoe company.weird!

    Nothing the Jokers make is typical,those swedes have more style than a gay man on east Broadway.